Little ouches


A natural way to help soothe pain and provide warmth and comfort.

The bundle of little ouches is perfect for all your kids little bumps and bruises.

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The little ouches come in a bundle of three. Like all our wheat bags they can assist in the relief of the following problems:


·  Muscle pain ·  Joint pain
·  Neck & shoulder tension ·  Comfort & relaxation
·   Back aches ·  Cold feet & hands
·   Sprains ·   Stress
·  Headaches & migraines ·  Tension & anxiety
·  Muscle pain ·  Joint pain
·  Neck & shoulder tension ·  Comfort & relaxation
·  Back aches ·  Cold feet & hands
·  Sprains ·  Stress
·  Headaches & migraines ·  Tension & anxiety


These little wheat bags are just the right size for little bodies. Take a little ouch from the freezer for little bruises or heat one up for aches and pains or just for comfort.

Our handmade wheat bags are made from Australian organic wheat and beautiful quality fabrics, soft and warm against your skin.

The wheat bags can be used warmed from the microwave for aches and pains and to increase blood flow or cold from the freezer to reduce swelling & inflammation for sprains and to cool down in summer.

The wheat bags come wrapped with a pretty ribbon for a perfect gift.


Dimensions: Approx. 15cm x 15cm x 3

Weight: Approx. 750gr  (for bundle of 3)

Contents: All our wheat bags contain Australian organic wheat with the option of homegrown lavender.


Please do not overheat as the bag may burn your skin.

Time of heating may vary depending on microwave oven wattage.

This product does not claim to cure or prevent any disease or condition.

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Sam Little ouches, Penelope Little ouches, Ivy Little ouches, Ella Little ouches, Charlotte Little ouches, Bob Little ouches


Plain wheat, Lavender


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